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Surrey deploys GTT's Opticom emergency preemption solution

Surrey deploys GTT's Opticom emergency preemption solution

“We are very happy to be working with the city of Surrey and its emergency services,” says GTT’s president Doug Roberts. “Our system is helping to improve operational safety, reduce travel time to emergencies and increase the safety of both the public and emergency personnel.”

When an emergency vehicle needs to maneuver through its cities busiest intersections, Global Trafic technologies Canada or (GTT) and the city of Surrey have implemented a Security Solution Opticom Preemption.

In congruence, The EVP system which is onboard emergency vehicles sends an automated message to intersection controllers ahead of its arrival to create a system of green lights. Additionally, this system ensures emergency vehicles can move through intersections rapidly and safely.  This EVP system has launched in over 90 of the cities busiest intersections. 

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