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DSC Alexor PC9155 Distributed Wireless Alarm System Package

Alexor is a fully wireless, two piece alarm system from DSC allowing the main alarm panel (brains) to be located in a basement, closet or other location out of the way near a phone/power connection.  Then the 2 way wireless keypad is mounted as usual near the entrance.  No keypad wiring required!

Up to 4 wireless keypads are supported.  The Alexor system also supports a new 2-way wireless key that shows alarm status and arms/disarms the system and provides a panic function.

The system is easily expandable with additional wireless sensors, interior wireless siren, exterior siren/strobe, extra wireless keypad, wireless keyfobs.

The Alexor alarm system can be professionally monitored or can call a standard telephone for self monitoring.

View Alexor 9155 Product and Install Speed Video

DSC Alexor KIT4952 Features:
  • Complete wireless security system totally wireless keypad
  • Kit includes:
    • 1 x Alexor 9155 main alarm unit
    • 1 x WT5500 wireless 2 way keypad
    • 1 x WS4904P wireless motion detector
    • 2 x WS4945 wireless door/window sensors
    • 1 x WT4989 wireless 2 way key chain remote with icon display
    • 1 x battery backup, power supply, telephone jack
  • supports up to 32 wireless zones plus up to 16 wireless keys
  • 16 user codes, 1 master code, 1 maintenance code
  • 9155 main unit dimensions 8.5" x 10.5" x 2.4"
  • WT5500 Keypad dimensions 6.7" x 4.9" x 1.42"
  • 85dB siren built in to main panel (not keypad)
  • Aux output 12VDC 200mA
  • Wireless range up to 984 feet open air
  • Available wireless indoor siren, wireless outdoor siren with strobe, extra 2 way wireless keypads, wireless carbon monoxide detector
  • Can be professionally monitored or self monitored by reporting to a pager or regular telephone
  • 1 year warranty

DSC Alarm Expansion Options:

Keypads (wireless WT5500 / WT5500P only)
Wireless Keyfobs
Wireless Sensors and Detectors