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    People, Equipment & Security Services for Your Organization’s Security Needs

    No two organizations have security needs that are exactly alike. That’s why your security services program should be tailored to your needs. Heathrow Security provides customized physical security solutions to meet the specific needs of large and small organizations.

    What’s given us such longevity? We combine the right personnel, training, and technology with the responsiveness of local and site management. Add to that an excellent customer service team, and you will see why Heathrow Security builds enduring client relationships.

    It all starts with understanding your specific needs, then creating a security solution that not only meets those needs but also anticipates issues. The result is a customized, proactive security solution that you can trust. And although changes can be difficult in any organization, your security program transition will be efficient, smooth and painless — and completely transparent to your customers.

    Please reach out for us to create a tailored security program that right for you.

    Call (778)-571-5617 for details or fill out our information form below for a quick reply.