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    security guard services surrey thread intelligence imageHere at Heathrow Security, we provide affordable security guard services with a strategic approach to assist you in your various security needs and locations. Let's talk about creating a security plan that gives you a personalised and strategic approach to protecting your investment or property.


    Static Security Services:

    At Heathrow, our security guards come equipped with our state-of-the-art guard management software, along with a minimum of 2 years security experience to ensure our clients receive the apex of asset protection. Our guards will design comprehensive on-site reports that include GPS Checkpoint locations, photos and audio files, all while acting as a front line deterrent.


    (GPS pin points from a Heathrow security guard on a nightly patrol.) 


    Mobile Security Services:

    Heathrow Security’s mobile patrol offers a unique solution to crime prevention. While dropping GPS pinpoint locations at areas of high risk, mobile patrol units use this information to create an effective security plan to disrupt known “Hot Spots”.


    Bike Patrol Services: 

    Experience the best of both worlds. Having on-site bike patrol officers allows for amazing response times with maximum coverage, as our bike patrol officers use their management software to report parking issues, check for license plate violations, and report unruly activity. Bike patrol officers are perfect for large properties and multiple locations in close proximity.   
    Heathrow also can keep your properties and assets safe with our superior security camera services. Learn more about our security camera services:  
    Contact Heathrow Security to ask your CCTV camera security related questions.