Here at Heathrow Security, we provide affordable solutions for all of your various security needs and locations, giving a personalized and strategic approach.

Construction Security:

Security Camera installation and monitoring with 24/h recording. Live guard presence and patrol for off-hours eyes on site.

School Security:

A live guard patrol around campus ensuring peace and order. Keeping friendly approach to make sure students and staff feel welcomed and safe.   

Parking Lot Security: 

A guard presence in a parking lot can drastically decrease crime rates. With proper lighting and surveillance, customers and staff will feel safer when leaving their car or walking to their car.  

Mall Security:

A patrolling guard trained to specifically deal and tend to the needs of multiple businesses in a closed location. Keeping a professional yet friendly attitude. 

Event Security:

A professional security team to keep order and safety at any event, public or private. Trained to be professional but also stay friendly to keep event goers comfortable. Naloxone training can be issued if further discussed. 

Residential Security: 

An on-location guard patrol to watch over and keep a neighborhood safe. Trained to seek out suspicious behaviors and have an immediate response time. Keeping you and your family safe.  

Camera Install and Quotation: 

A trained and qualified technician will be sent to inspect and seek out the best security system and installation to ensure total security for your business.   

Camera Monitoring:

An experienced and reliable staff to alert you the client as well as the police of suspicious behavior. Camera monitoring comes with 24/h high definition recording.