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Aeotec Zwave Door Window Sensor 6, Triangle Design


The Aeotec ZW112-A (ZW112) Door/Window Sensor 6 is a unique triangular shaped Zwave door/window sensor with the slim design, Gen5 chip and support for Zwave and Zwave Plus.  This new design boasts longer battery life and encrypted communication.

The ZW112 works well with most Zwave enabled home automation controllers including Smartthings and Vera.  Used with one of these automation controllers you can set up lighting scenes that trigger when a door is opened, or email/SMS alerts when a door or window is opened.

The ZW112 comes with two small magnets that are mounted to the door or window frame to sense when it is opened or closed.

Aeotec ZW112 Door Window Sensor 6 Features:

  • Compact Zwave door/window sensor
  • Gen 5 Zwave chip supports Zwave and Zwave Plus
  • Only 0.35" thick
  • Works with Homeseer/Hometroller, Smartthings, Vera, Zipato
  • Does not work with Wink
  • Dimensions: 2.8 x 2.8 x4 x 0.345 inches