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Aeotec Zwave USB ZStick Gen 5

The Aeotec ZW090 by Aeon Labs is a Zwave Plus USB interface to be used with compatible PC or Mac computer or automation system to enable two way Zwave communications.  Use the ZStick to build your own smart home gateway.

As a ZWave 500 series device it is compatible with the newest Zwave Plus devices as well as older Zwave products.  Based on the Series 500 chip it also boasts greater security and longer range.

The ZW090 works with a number of smart home applications including but not limited to OpenHAB, Homeseer, Indigo, Home Assistant, Axial Control.

Note:  The ZW090 is a USB interface only - it does NOT include any software.  The software is provided or purchased separately.  It does not have on board memory so the computer or automation controller must be on at all times.