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Aeotec ZWave Wallmote Quad Battery Powered Wall Switch

The Aeotec WallMote Quad is an on wall Zwave controller offering control of one or more Zwave devices with any of its 4 buttons.  A simple click of a button can turn lights on or off, control scene lighting or act as a trigger for Zwave automation controller to set up special routines like arriving home, leaving for the day, party, away or night time.

Use WallMot Quad to control lights, appliances, electronics, music, curtains, cooling or heating by linking it to Zwave receivers or using it to trigger smart hub routines.

Built in haptic feedback lets you feel when it's been triggered.


The WallMote Quad mounts quickly and easily to a wall with as little as two way tape, or the included mounting plate that allows it to be removed for charging. 


Each button can be linked to a Zwave device or scene. The WallMote Quad supports single presses, press and hold, and swipe actions when used with compatible smart hubs or software.  Swipe action can be used to dim or brighten lights.

Aeotec ZW130-A WallMote Quad features:

  • Zwave 4 button battery powered controller
  • Each button can control Zwave devices or scenes
  • Suports touch, long touch, swipe controls on each button
  • Wall mount with included 2 sided tape
  • Wall mount bracket included allowing easy removal and charging
  • Built in lithium ion battery can be charged using micro USB cable
  • Average battery life up to 4 months between charges based on 150 presses per day
  • Built in LED indicator
  • Gen5 Zwave Plus device (North American frequency)
  • Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 0.35 inches
  • Indoor use only
  • Supports over the air firmware updates from a compatible hub
  • Compatible with VeraEdge, VeraPlus, Homeseer, Hometroller, SmartThings Hub