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Aeotec ZWave Water and Flood Sensor 6


The Aeotec ZW122 Zwave Water Sensor 6 can help protect against damage from leaks, overflows and floods.  Using 4 gold tipped water probes and ZWave Plus technology, it will silently monitor for temperature and  water leaks, giving you peace of mind. Its slim wireless design makes it incredibly versatile with placement options.


When used with a compatible ZWave hub or automation software, alerts can be sent to your smartphone in case of a water leak. You'll be able to check status any time.  Plus the built in temperature sensor will guard against surprise temperature extremes.


By adding a ZWave water valve, the water can be automatically turned off when water is detected.   Link with Zwave devices to turn off electronics, or turn on a sump pump when water is detected.


The Water Sensor 6 is very small at only 3.8x2.4cm and has 4 gold tipped water probes that will continuously monitor for any leaks. Combined with this, the sensor also uses vibration tamper detection and has a built-in temperature sensor that can monitor temperatures between -20ºC and 100ºC (-4ºF to 212ºF).