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DSC Indoor PIR Motion Detector 55LB Pet Immune


The DSC LC-100-PI is an indoor PIR motion detector featuring a quad (four element) PIR sensor optimized to eliminate false alarms and pet immunity up to 55 pounds, that can be wall or corner mounted featuring a form A, normally closed (when powered) contact.

DSC LC-100-PI PIR Motion Detector Features:

  • New model, replaces BV300, BV300DP
  • Hardwired PIR motion detector
  • Quad (4 element) PIR sensor
  • Wall or corner mount
  • LED Enable/Disable
  • 3 level pulse count adjustment
  • PIR range adjustment
  • Tamper switch output
  • Normally closed contact when powered and not triggered, opens when triggered
  • Colour: White
  • Voltage: 8.2-16 VDC
  • Operating temperature: -10° C to 50° C (14° F to 122° F)
  • 1 year warranty