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DSC Wired and Wireless Security System with Transceiver, Fully Wireless Keypad

This DSC starter kit combines all the best features of both a wired and wireless system and is perfect for installations where it's not practical to run the wire to even a single keypad. The main alarm panel has 6 onboard wired zones and the kit includes a wireless transceiver that supports all DSC wireless sensors and even fully wireless keypads!

With this kit the alarm panel can be installed out of harm's way and near the phone and electrical wiring - usually in the basement or a wiring room/closet. It can accept either wired DSC keypads or additional WT5500 fully wireless keypads and includes one wireless keypad.

This alarm can be professionally monitored by any monitoring company and also supports self-monitoring by telephone or pager or using the EVL-3 board below by Smartphone.

NEW: Purchase an Envisalink EVL-4 internet module for smartphone control, email and SMS alerts with NO fees!

Kit includes:

DSC PC1616 alarm board in a metal enclosure
1 x TR5164 wireless 2-way transceiver
1 x WT5500 fully wireless keypad
1 x WS4904P Wireless Pet Immune Motion Sensor
2 x WS4945 wireless door/window sensors
Battery, Siren, Phone Jack, Plug-in transformer

DSC Wired/Wireless Starter Kit Features:

Supports 6 wired zones, expandable to 16. Add 8 more wired zones with PC5108 zone expander board
Supports up to 32 wireless zones/sensors using any DSC brand or Resolution DSC wireless sensors
Supports up to 2 partitions that can be armed and disarmed independently of each other
Can be professionally monitored or self-monitored by reporting to a pager or regular telephone
Add EVL-3 board for iPhone/Android/Blackberry control and email/SMS alerts
1-year warranty
Note: cabinet lock not included. Add part# CL1 if needed
** A zone is a single or group of wired sensors or a single wireless sensor

DSC Alarm Expansion Options:

Wireless Keyfobs
DSC Branded Wired Sensors
More Wired Sensors and Detectors
Wireless Sensors and Detectors
DSC Expansion Modules
DSC Wireless Receivers, Repeaters, Converters