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Fibaro Home Center 2 Zwave Automation Controller (Pro Install Only)

The Fibaro Homecenter 2 automation controller is the heart of the home automation system.  It will monitor and control ZWave enabled automation devices, create schedules and triggers, as well as send out alerts to let you know what's going on.  Homecenter 2 is powerful, well built, but still easy enough to operate.

Fibaro Homecenter 2 can be controlled using any number of Android and iOS tablets and smart phones whether at home, work or away on vacation.

Homecenter 2 can control Zwave enabled lights, appliances, heating and cooling systems, fans, even blinds and motorized windows or sunlights.  It can be your home security system or it can integrate with a separate dedicated security system so that both systems can function independently but still be integrated and automated.  Fibaro can also integrate with some home audio systems, TV's and other infrared devices.

The Fibaro app on your smart phone or tablet can even use GPS to track your location and automatically trigger events when you leave or come home based on this Geolocation information. 

Fibaro runs as a standalone controller so schedules, routines, triggers and local access in the home won't be impacted by a cloud or Internet service outage like some systems.  Fibaro also backs up changes and the original factory image locally so you can restore quickly in case of a problem.