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Fibaro Home Center Lite Smart Home Starter Kit


The Fibaro HomeCenter Lite smart hub manages all the home’s Zwave devices, providing beautiful iOS and Android apps, events, scheduling and integration with 3rd party devices as well. The FIBARO-KIT consists of Fibaro's Home Center Lite, a motion sensor, two wall plugs, a door/window sensor and a flood sensor.


The Home Center Lite is an automation hub that lets you manage and control your Smart Home devices. Home Center Lite supports up to 230 Zwave devices and provides control from its beautifully designed smart app.


The Fibaro Zwave multi-sensor detects movement, light levels and temperature in one very compact, beautifully designed package. At only 1 3/4" (44.5 mm) in diameter, it's one of the smallest and most powerful detectors available. It can be wall or ceiling mounted, or placed on a shelf or stand.

The motion sensor's unique LED indicator can blink various colours when triggered to indicate motion sensed as well as room temperature ranges. This coloured indicator has many adjustable settings and may also be turned off completely in order to make it more discrete.


The included Fibaro FGWPB-121 is a wall plug switch. Simply plug it into a standard electrical receptacle, then plug-in your lamp or appliance and get near-instant automation. It features a bright multi-coloured LED that will change colour to indicate state changes in your device. It also comes with a USB charging port with Z-Wave energy reports to let you know when your smartphone or tablet is charged.


The FGDW-002 door/window sensor can be used together with a Z-Wave gateway to control other devices hooked up to your Fibaro system. It expands the abilities of a system by monitoring the opening and closing of doors, windows and garage doors which makes it a great addition to automatic light control, access control and home security systems.


The Fibaro water and temperature detector can be set to operate in dual mode to detector water and temperature or in temperature only mode where it is more practical to report room temperature or floor temperature for floor heating systems. It comes with a built-in visual indicator and audio alarm.

Kit includes:

  • 1 x Fibaro HomeCenter Lite
  • 1 x Fibaro ZWave Motion Sensor
  • 1 x Fibaro ZWave Door Window Sensor
  • 1 x Fibaro ZWave Flood Sensor
  • 2 x Fibaro ZWave Wall Plug with Energy Monitoring