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GE Zwave Plus In Wall Toggle Dimmer For Incandescent, LED, CFL


The GE 14295 is a ZWave Plus compatible in wall dimmer that can be used in new or retrofit applications providing ZWave automation control of the dimmer as well as local control. The toggle style blends with standard builder toggle switches so you can keep the original look but add ZWave automation.

It supports incandescent, dimmable CFL and LED, Xenon and Halogen lighting.

As a ZWave Plus device, it has an improved wireless range of up to 50%, a 250% faster processor and 400% more memory and energy efficiency.

These GE ZWave Plus dimmers are compatible with all the major home automation controllers including Vera, Homeseer, Smartthings, Revolv, Wink, Leviton/HAI as well as most ZWave enabled alarms.

GE 14295 Zwave Plus Toggle Dimmer Features:

  • New or replacement for standard toggle dimmers
  • ZWave Plus gives up to 50% improved wireless range, 250% faster processor, 400% more memory and energy efficiency
  • Works with Vera, Homeseer, Smartthings, Revolv, Wink, Leviton/HAI, most Zwave enabled alarms and more
  • Compatible with incandescent, CFL, LED, Xenon, Halogen lights
  • Rated 120V up to 600 incandescent, 150W LED
  • Capacity must be de-rated if used beside other dimmers
  • North American Zwave 908.42 MHZ
  • Neutral Connection Required