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Homeseer Hometroller SEL Automation Controller


The Hometroller SEL is Homeseer's new generation of Linux based automation controllers that pack tonnes of power in a small package. The SEL can be used to automate Zwave or Insteon lighting, thermostats, door locks, garage doors, water valves, energy monitors, sensors and more.  


The Hometroller SEL executes programming and events locally rather than relying on the cloud.  So your routines continue to work even if the Internet is disconnected or the cloud stops working.

At the same time, myHS cloud service is included to provide remote access, email and text alerts 

Hometroller SEL can be control remotely using free iOS or Android apps.

Hometroller SEL can also be used to send e-mail alerts to let you know when family comes home, or when motion is sensed when no-one is home (unwanted guests?), in case of a water leak or if smoke is detected, using Zwave sensors (not included).


Hometroller works with Alexa and Google Home voice assitants to make control easy and flexible.


Hometroller SEL runs Homeseer V3 on embedded Linux.  It supports homeseer linux plug-ins. Purchases after October 2019 include a free upgrade to V4 when it is launched.

Note: For Zwave control,/support you must purchase Aeon Labs ZSTICK. For Insteon control you must purchase 2413U.

Hometroller SEL Specifications

  • Control Software: Homeseer HS3
  • OS: Linux
  • CPU: 1.58 GHz Dual-Core with 1 MB Cache
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Boot Time: < 20 Seconds
  • Storage: 32 GB SSD on board
  • Ports: LAN, 3x USB, HDMI, VGA, Split Audio

Note: The Hometroller SEL runs Homeseer standard and includes standard lighting and automation support and can be expanded with Homeseer Linux compatible plug-ins. The Hometroller SEL Pro version runs Homeseer Pro and includes some extra plug-ins to support such as DSC and includes HS Touch designer software for creating custom iOS/Android screens.