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Homeseer Zee S2 ZWave Home Automation Controller

The Hometroller Zee S2 is a compact and affordable Zwave home automation controller small enough to fit in your palm, but with the power of Homeseer 3 software on board.  This new model now features the newest Zwave Series 500 chip so it can handle the newest Zwave devices.  Zee S2 runs Homeseer S3-Pi3 software on board.

Supporting nearly any Zwave certified device, the Hometroller Zee is fanless, diskless and there are no setup or monthly fees.  It does NOT require a cloud service at all although a remote access cloud option is available to make remote access simpler - with NO fees.

The Zee-S2 web based interface is easy to set up and program but still allows for advanced features and flexibility including:
  • Built in Zwave Plus interface
  • Supports Zwave lights, locks, sensors, modules
  • Works with Amazon Echo and IFTTT
  • Optional support for Insteon (requires Insteon part# 2413U which is not included)
  • Full Internet remote and notifications
  • HS Touch apps for smartphone and tablet access
  • HSTouch server now included
  • Fully customizable email notifications
  • Powerful event creation with IF, ANDIF, ORIF conditions
  • Event groups with their own triggers/conditions
  • Real Time Status page with ability to create custom floor plan and import graphics
  • Support for multiple Zwave networks
  • Full logging for events, devices, zwave commands so you know exactly what happened and when
  • Timers and Counters for powerful programming
  • Support for software plug-ins for enhanced functionality and integration with other devices
  • Supports spoken announcements, alerts, reminders (requires additional hardware)
  • Supports voice control (requires additional PC running software)
NEW:  Both Ethernet and WiFi on board for easy connection to your network

System Specifications

  • Homeseer S3-Pi3 software pre-installed
  • CPU: Quad Core 1.2 GHZ 
  • RAM: 1 GB 
  • Storage: 8 GB SD
  • 4 USB Ports
  • RJ45 LAN Port
  • On board WiFi
  • HDMI Video Port
  • Built in Z-Wave Interface
  • AC Power Adapter: c(UL)us approved, 100-240v, 50/60Hz in, 5v 1a out, US style plug
  • Only 3 W current draw, very low power consumption
  • Unit Dimensions: 4.4" x 3.8" 1" (113mm x 97mm x 27mm) - Excludes Z-Stick