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Honeywell Lyric Round WIFI Smart Thermostat


Save money on your energy bills without sacrificing comfort in your home with the Honeywell TH8732WFH5002 Lyric Smart Thermostat. This thermostat is smartphone controllable and is compatible with most heating systems including standard and multi-stage forced air, heat pump, radiant and heat only systems.

Using the Lyric mobile app, users can adjust the temperature remotely while connected to WiFi. The same free apps let you view your Lyric cameras, Lyric water/temp sensors and Lyric thermostats. The Smart Cues feature in the app will send maintenance reminders and extreme condition alerts so you can adjust the temperature accordingly.

This smart thermostat takes into consideration both indoor and outdoor temperatures as well as humidity to find the perfect temperature spot. It’ll also create shortcuts based on predictable life events such as when you leave the house for work or come home in the evening. In addition to this, Lyric supports 'geofencing' which is a feature that works in conjunction with your smartphone to know if the house is empty, and whether you're getting near the house and can automatically adjust the temperature to save money or provide comfort as needed.

Note: The Lyric doesn’t need a 24V C wire connection but the C connection allows for full functionality, including Homekit support and product backlighting. It’s not compatible with 120V/240V systems.

Honeywell TH8732WFH5002 Lyric WIFI Smart Thermostat Features: 

  • Remote Access
  • Lyric App allows you to control with your smartphone or tablet
  • Android and Apple compatible
  • Apple Homekit support
  • Hardwired with battery backup
  • Geofence control for savings when you're away and comfort when you're home
  • Smart Cues for system information and recommendations
  • ENERGY STAR® Certified
  • Operating temperature: 0 C to 48.9 C (32 F to 120 F)
  • Dimensions: 3-51/64" x 3-51/64" x 29/32" (97mm X 97mm X 23mm)