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Honeywell Smart Home Security Kit with Camera, ZWave, Alexa, 2 Sensors, Fob


Honeywell's do it yourself all-in-one security and automation system is simple to set up, expandable and powerful.   It features integrated voice control with Alexa built-in, support for Google voice assistant, smartphone control and push alerts for self-monitoring without fees.

The base station uses a built-in motion sensor and high definition camera to let you know when motion is detected and you can view the video.  It has two-way audio so you can listen in and talk back to friends, family or an intruder.

This bundle includes two door/window sensors to protect entry points, and a key fob to easily arm/disarm the system.

It also has built-in ZWave modules for smart home automation and supports IFTTT to integrate with a wide range of devices.

CES2019 Innovation Honoree



Base Station

  • Intelligent motion detection with video capture
  • Completely wireless
  • The battery lasts up to 2 years 

Motion Sensor

  • Smart motion detection
  • Wireless, and easy to install
  • The battery lasts up to 3 years 

Access Sensor

  • Completely Wireless, and easy to install on the windows and doors 
  • Alert night and day for 4 years
  • Highly sensitive detection 

Key Fob 

  • Easy access without using the app 
  • Simple one-touch control
  • Sound and LED feedback 

Smart Alerts 

With Smart Home Security you get more than the usual 'something happened'.

  • You will be receiving video clips of movement captured by the MotionvViewer™.
  • Helpful alerts that your window upstairs was open when you left home. 
Your system will let you know as soon as it detects something. 


Deter Unwanted Visitors

When combined with Outdoor MotionViewers™, your Smart Home Security system can help keep unwanted visitors away by working with your other smart devices to simulate an occupied home. The system can turn on compatible lights, and the 90-decibel internal speaker can play sounds like a barking dog, to make any potential intruder think twice.


The system supports wireless door & window sensors and motion sensors for traditional security, allowing you to protect access points to the home.   Add leak sensors for water leak notification.

It also supports indoor and outdoor motion viewers combining motion sensors and cameras for automatic push video.  The outdoor motion viewer can be used to alert intruders before they enter the property and can even be used with ZWave lights to deter them from entering.