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INSTEON Dual Band OutletLinc Dimmer Wall Receptacle


The INSTEON Dual-Band OutletLinc Dimmer installs like a standard wall outlet and has a 300W dimmable outlet built-in with tamper-resistant slots to conform to new building codes. The top outlet is controlled and the bottom is always on. As a dual-band device this product has a built-in Insteon wireless access point that functions as a wired and wireless repeater and wireless receiver. The OutletLinc dimmer can be directly controlled by an Insteon wireless remote or other standard Insteon controllers.

For safety, a dimmer-key is attached to the lamp you wish to plug-in to the OutletLinc's dimming outlet. This super slim piece ensures that no-one plugs anything but your lamp into the OutletLinc's controlled outlet. Other safety features include overheating protection.

INSTEON 2472DWH Dual Band OutletLinc Dimmer Features:

  • Decora style takes the place of a standard wall receptacle
  • Award-winning Insteon technology
  • Tamper Resistant outlets
  • Top outlet has a 300W dimmer for controlling incandescent lighting
  • Top outlet supports 'load sense' allowing a manual on/off of the light to turn the receptacle on
  • Bottom outlet is always on
  • Local load sense
  • Supports ramp rate, settable on level
  • Dual band supports both powerline and RF communication and repeating
  • Auto-Off, over temp shut-off
  • Does not include a trim plate. Consider screwless wallplates for the cleanest look
  • Can be a member of multiple Insteon scenes
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • cETL approved, conforms to CSA standards