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INSTEON Dual Band SwitchLinc Dimmer 600W White


Insteon dimmers are beautifully designed, reliable and can be used on their own, with other Insteon devices for remote control, or as part of a larger automation system for full-featured automation. They are designed to be used in new construction or retrofit applications and feature adjustable fade rates, on levels, and can be part of an elegant single room or whole house lighting scenes. 

  • Dual-Band INSTEON support - Powerline and RF communication
  • Doubles as wireless access point & INSTEON repeater
  • Can be directly controlled by wired or wireless INSTEON transmitters
  • True rocker action - top on/bright, bottom off/dim
  • Adjustable individual ON levels for local operation and each scene
  • Adjustable individual fade on/off rates for local operation and each scene


Dual-Band INSTEON technology uses both powerline (house wiring) and wireless INSTEON communication simultaneously for the best possible communication reliability. The dimmer can be directly controlled by any other Insteon transmitter including other Insteon switches or keypads, as well as RF only devices such as the RemoteLinc2, making it perfect for standalone home theatre lighting, bedroom lighting, or as part of a larger INSTEON network.