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INSTEON Hub V2 Starter Kit with Bonus Lamp Module and Wall Dimmer


This Insteon starter kit is a great way to get started using Insteon automation technology in your home. Enjoy a great discount on the new Insteon Hub 2 and award winning Insteon automation technology.   

You'll be able to schedule on and off times by sunrise, sunset or time of day, plus control your Insteon devices and get status updates and even pro-active alerts on your portable devices from inside or outside the home. The Insteon Hub connects to your home network and supports iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Free apps are available from each 'app store'.

With this starter kit, you'll be able to control and check the status of a plug-in lamp and room light and get notifications if they are turned on.

You can easily expand your Insteon installation by adding any number of Insteon devices including Insteon cameras, plug-in and wire-in modules.

Insteon Hub Starter Kit Includes:

  • New Insteon Dual Band Hub 2 Automation Controller (2245-222)
  • Insteon Dual Band Lamp Module (2457D2)
  • Insteon Dual Band In-Wall Dimmer, 600W (2477D)

Hub 2 features increased security and easier set-up without port forwarding
Works with broadband internet and most 4G cellular Internet.  May not be compatible with some Satellite Internet services
Requires a network connection with always on Internet access
Requires iPhone, iOS tablet, Android device or Windows phone for device set-up.
Insteon Hub 2 does NOT support X10 devices
Insteon Hub 2 does NOT work with HouseLinc software and can not be used as an Ethernet PLM