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INSTEON ISY Dual Band Starter Kit with 2 Lamp Modules, 2 Wall Dimmers


Our favourite Insteon controller combined with 2 dual-band lamp modules and 2 dual-band wall dimmers at a super price. The lamp modules can be used for dimmable plug-in lamps and the wall dimmers can be used for dimmable lighting. Dual-band technology means that all modules can communicate by both powerline AND wireless signals for the ultimate in reliability.

The ISY994 is a completely stand-alone, intelligent, network and Internet-enabled controller providing complete Insteon management and set-up plus Internet access with optional Android and iPhone applications available.

  • Stand-Alone Network Appliance - Does NOT require a computer running
  • Supports conditional logic, macros, sunrise/sunset, email alerts, Elk alarm integration
  • Android and iPhone applications available - control from ANYWHERE
  • Set Insteon links, scenes, ramp rates, on levels, LED brightness and more
  • Regular firmware updates for new features
  • Network and Internet Accessible
  • Expandable with add-on modules for a web server, network devices, energy monitoring

Start Kit includes:

ISY994i Internet Advanced Controller
2413S PLM
2 x 2457D2 dual-band lamp modules
2 x 2477D dual-band wall dimmers. 

Note:  If you are adding additional non-dual band Insteon products to this kit we recommended adding 2 x 2443 access points.