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INSTEON Motion Sensor II

The new Insteon Motion Sensor II is a compact device that can be corner mounted, wall mounted or placed on a desk, shelf or table.  It can be linked directly to most Insteon receivers and/or may be used with the Insteon automation controllers like the Insteon Hub or ISY994.
  • Conveniently turn lights on when you enter the room
  • Save money by turning lights off when no motion has been sensed
  • Use with the Insteon Hub or ISY994 for email alerts on motion
  • Pair with an Insteon Chime for an entry chime or siren alert
  • Turn on 'night only' mode to only turn lights on when it's dark and motion is sensed*
  • Compact & attractive

The new motion sensor is more compact than previous models and features a longer wireless range. This new model also has the option to be powered by a USB cable & power supply (not included) or by a battery.

While it can be used outdoors, it is technically rated only to 0C so we recommend it primarily for indoor use.

Note: Settings like no-motion count down, dawn/dusk control require an Insteon Hub or ISY994 controller.  ISY994 requires V5.x most current firmware.

Insteon 2844-222 Features:

  • Compact PIR motion sensor with dawn/dusk sensor
  • Wall mount, corner mount or shelf/tabletop mount
  • Includes flexible wall mount
  • Can pair with one or more Insteon receivers
  • Can be used with the newest version Insteon Hub
  • Can be used with ISY994 running latest V5.x firmware
  • Can run on included CR123 lithium battery
  • Can run on micro USB cable and 5vdc power supply (not included)
  • Insteon repeater when powered by USB
  • Configurable options require Insteon Hub or ISY
  • Dimensions: 49mm H x 54.2mm W x 45.5mm D (1.9 x 2.13 x 1.79 inches)

Package contents: 

  • Sensor
  • mounting bracket
  • 2 adhesive strips