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Logenex Teledoorbell Gate Station With Keypad, Video Camera, For Gate Controller

The Logenex Access Series provides access control and gate access functionality as well as intercom features.  Visitors can press a button to ring the home telephone, or the call can be forwarded from the home phone to an outside cell and the responder can have a two way conversation or control an on board relay to unlatch a lock or trigger a gate.

In addition, visitors or owners can enter their access code to unlock or raise/open a gate.  Up to 99 user codes are supported with scheduling and access levels.  The controller has on board relays that can be programmed to trigger when a valid code is entered. The relays in turn can be connected to your gate system, lock, etc.

For MDU installations, the access series can be programmed to call up to 16 different tenant contact numbers.

Note:  G404CR main controller is required, and supports up to 4 G404, G404VC stations.
Note:  Standard POTS or POTS like telephone required at the controller location for calling features.

G404VC Features:

  • Built in analog day/night CCTV video camera
  • Illuminated keypad
  • Illuminated status ring
  • Voice annunciation
  • 2 on board relays for gate, mangate support
  • Vandal/weather resistant