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Skylink Wireless Alarm System Kit

The Skylink SC-100 is a do-it-yourself friendly wireless security system designed for home users looking for a simple system to deter burglars. When the alarm is triggered it will sound a loud 110dB siren built in to the keypad, to scare away intruders.  The starter kit includes 2 sensors for doors or windows, a motion sensor and a key chain remote for arming and disarming the system.

The SC-100 main unit is powered by an included plug-in AC power supply with a 9V battery back-up in case of power failure.  Additional remote keypads, additional sirens  and additional wireless sensors can be added easily.

KP-434 Keypad
WT-433E Door/Window Sensors
PS-434 Motion Sensor
FS-433 Flood Sensor
PT-434 Keychain / Necklace Panic Transmitter
HW-434 Wrist Panic Transmitter
AS-433 Audio Sensor (for smoke detectors)
AA-433 Extra Siren

Skylink SC-100 Wireless Alarm System Features:
  • Kit includes system keypad,  wireless motion detector, 2 x wireless door/window sensors, keychain remote
  • Loud 110dB Siren built in to keypad
  • Control panel is backed up by standard 9V battery
  • Simple to install and program
  • Chime, Instant, Delay modes
  • Arm away or home modes
  • Supports up to 30 wireless sensors (no support for hardwired sensors)
  • No dialer included
  • 1 year warranty and technical support from Skylink