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SkylinkNet Connected Home Alarm System Starter Kit


SkylinkNet is a do it yourself friendly Internet enabled security alarm and automation system that connects to your home's network and uses wireless sensors to protect your home, cottage or remote property.

In case of an alarm, the loud 110dB built in siren sounds and push notifications are sent to users smart phones. SkylinkNet uses easy cloud based remote access to make set up simple.

Add compatible SkylinkNet cameras, plug-in and wire in automation modules for a complete and easy to use smart home solution.

There are no set-up or monthly fees and the free iOs and Android apps allow the system to be armed, disarmed and controlled remotely from virtually anywhere. In case of an alarm, a push notification is sent to your smart device and a loud siren sounds on the SkylinkNet Hub in your home. You can also receive notifications when doors, windows or garages are opened.

SkylinkNet works with Amazon Echo and Dot, as well as IFTTT (If This Then That) cloud service, so you can integrate it with all kinds of other devices including August, Nest and Hue to name a few. Plus IFTTT allows custom events such as arming the device when you drive away from home. Learn more about IFTTT integration at .

You will also receive a push notification when the system is armed, disarmed, or a panic button is pressed.

Up to 6 different alarms may be installed in different locations like home and cottage, managed by a single account so the whole family can be in control of one or multiple properties.

The SK-200 starter kit includes:

  • SkylinkNet Internet alarm hub
  • Wireless key chain remote
  • Two-door/window sensors
  • PIR motion sensor. 

With the starter kit, arming and disarming is handled by the phone/tablet app or key chain remote.  Add a wall-mount keypad for convenient arming and disarming, additional key chain remote, sensors or even cameras.  You can also add a telephone voice dialer for back-up communication in case the Internet connection goes down or if you need to voice notify friends or neighbours.

You may purchase additional accessories to expand the system, including:

  • SA-001S Outdoor Siren and Strobe
  • KN-MT Wireless Keypad
  • MK-MT Wireless Key Fob
  • WD-MT Wireless Door Window Sensors (also good for cabinets and drawers)
  • PS-MT  Wireless Motion Sensor
  • WA-MT Wireless Water Sensor
  • GS-MT Wireless Garage Door Sensor
  • WC-400PH WiFi IP Camera
  • PL-318 Plug-In Dimmer
  • PM-318-2 Plug-in Switch
  • PR-318S Plug-in dimmer with repeater
  • PA-318 Indoor/Outdoor plug-in switch
  • WE-001 Wired Switch
  • AD-101S Telephone Voice Dialer

Don't forget to buy batteries. You will need 1 AA and 2 AAA batteries for the included sensors.

SkylinkNet SK-200 Alarm Features:

  • Internet-enabled push notifications
  • Loud onboard siren
  • Free smartphone apps for iOs and Android
  • No monthly fees or start-up fees
  • Up to 6 alarm systems at different properties per cloud account
  • Battery back-up in case of power failure
  • Wired Ethernet connection
  • Add up to 50 sensors
  • Sensor range up to 400 feet open-air without obstructions
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Average sensor battery life 24 months
  • Batteries NOT included. 2 AAA and 1 AA required for this kit.

Available accessories:

KN-MT    Keypad
MK-MT   Key chain remote
WD-MT   Door Window Sensor
PS-MT     Motion Sensor
WA-MT   Water Leak Sensor
AD-105S  Telephone Dialer

What's included:

  • HU100 SkylinkNet Hub
  • Plug-in power supply
  • 2 x WD-MT door windows sensors
  • 1 x PS-MT motion sensor
  • 1 x MK-MT key chain remote