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Vera Indoor Full HD 1080p WIFI Camera


Add a VistaCam 900 to your VeraEdge, VeraPlus or VeraSecure to enjoy indoor monitoring of your home or small business, kids, pets or whatever you value.  This security camera is designed to be easy to use with Vera systems.  It can use a wired Ethernet or WiFi connection to your network.

Capture full HD 1080p colour video.   If not enough lighting is present, the built-in infrared LEDs turn on and night vision mode is engaged so the camera can see in pitch black if needed.

Watch live video, or record it to the Vera Cloud and/or onboard 8GB storage.  A built-in microphone also enables listen-in audio.

VistaCam 900 Features: 

  • Indoor IP security camera
  • Full HD 1080p video
  • Night Vision Infrared LEDs built-in
  • Wide 140-degree field of view
  • Wired Ethernet and WiFi connectivity
  • Requires plug-in power (power adapter included)
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) handles difficult lighting and backlighting
  • Built-in microphone for listen-in audio
  • Wireless 802.11ac
  • Dimensions: 72mm x 72mm x 30mm (HxWxD)
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty with Vera and Aartech support