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Yale ZWave Push Button Lever


Yale is known for high-quality lock hardware and their new lever-style ZWave lock is no exception.  It features motorized operation for true remote control as well as status updates when used with a compatible ZWave controller like VERA or Hometroller or software applications.  The push buttons illuminate for easy night time and low light use.  When enabled, a special lockout mode allows the user to prevent access using any user codes for extra security.   Up to 250 user codes can be programmed when used with a Zwave system or it can be used standalone.

Yale YRL210ZW619 Features: 

  • Multi-mode keyless entry can be used with a key, standalone as a PIN code lock, or with a Zwave system
  • Up to 25 user codes without using Zwave or up to 250 user codes with Zwave controller
  • Illuminated pushbuttons
  • Auto relock mode option
  • Audio enable/disable mode
  • Master PIN set by the user, to secure the lock from anyone adding/removing codes
  • Tamper alert - audible alarm sounds if someone tries to remove lock from the door
  • Adjustable Wrong Code entry limit will lock out further attempts