heathrow security surveillance camera install

Video Surveillance Installation in British Columbia

Put your mind at ease and let us do the watching. Teamwork makes the dream work.

heathrow security surveillance camera install

CCTV & Monitoring

Put your mind at ease and let us do the watching. Teamwork makes the dream work.

The process

Heathrow Security supplies and installs the necessary video surveillance and CCTV solutions at your site.

Working closely with project managers to get the site protected as quickly and as seamlessly as possible.

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Live Video Monitoring

Once a system is fully installed, we combine the technology with live, remote video monitoring services provided by highly trained and supervised agents in our state-of-the-art command centre. The end result is a powerful tool for securing your assets, property, and people.

  • HD and 4K UHD cameras

  • Indoor, outdoor & point-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras

  • Infrared and temperature-sensing cameras

  • Thermal & explosion-proof applications

  • Video management software (VMS)

  • Enterprise servers & recording infrastructure

  • Integration with access control, intrusion & perimeter systems

24/7 Monitoring

A highly supervised support centre with 100 employees with a strong focus on customer support. Regardless of the time you contact us, we have support available.

Custom Timelapse Option

You will have the option to capture and create amazing time-lapse video showing the progress of any job. Create a powerful marketing tool with this feature.

View Live Camera Streams

Utilize a platform that is fully accessible via apps for any device. You can view your job site from anywhere from any connected device, 24 hours a day.

How It Works

how the security system works

Our partnership with viewpoint offers us access to state of the art CCTV and Monitoring equipment. Every unit is fully customizable, our standard model M-RACS® are equipped with four high-definition 5 MP cameras capable of running the latest in adaptive, intelligent video analytics.

The use of these technologies greatly reduces or even eliminates false or nuisance alarms, and offers unparalleled protection. Standard units also include a strobe light that activates and flashes when analytic alarms are triggered.

Last but certainly not least, every unit arrives for installation with audio already enabled. This allows our monitoring agents to intervene by conducting announcements and addressing any illegal or unwanted activity in “real time.